St Luke’s PCC Information

What is the PCC? (Parochial Church Council) Around 15 members of the church, mostly elected who share with the vicar and churchwardens in oversight of the church, its mission and its running.  PCC members are trustees of the charity that is St. Luke’s Church.

Who can be on the PCC? Anyone who is on the electoral roll of the church, who has not just served a three year term on the PCC and who is willing to be nominated.

Who should be on the PCC? A variety of people. St. Luke’s is a diverse church and it’s important that the PCC reflects a mixture of ages, backgrounds and views.

What does the role consist of? Essentially a willingness to share in the responsibility for the church. In particular it means committing to the meetings –we have around 8 per year but it’s not just about meetings, it’s really about following through discussion to active involvement in the life of the church.

How do I stand? Fill in the nomination paper here, and ask someone to agree to nominate and to second you. Just put their names in the spaces rather than having to send it around. We exist on trust but checks may be made to ensure consent has been given!  Either print out the form and take it to church before the Annual meeting on 24th April or email it to the church office  –

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