People often say…

…that St. Luke’s is a friendly church, and I certainly hope that will be your experience. We try to be informal without being casual, Anglican but not rigid, Bible-based but not dogmatic. St Luke’s is essentially a local parish church with a rich mix of races and cultures reflecting our local area. We aim to provide for all ages and to include as many tastes as we can. At the heart of who we are and what we do is the faith that, in Jesus Christ, God has given us himself. I hope that whether you are ‘just looking’ or wanting to belong, it is this faith that makes the difference.
Revd Alastair Thom, Vicar

St Luke’s Half Term Holiday Club

Monday 17-Wednesday 19 February
for more information email janet@stlukeswestkilburn.org
registration forms are available in the church office

2020.02 - Holiday Club