Sunday Services


How to connect to St Luke’s Sunday Service 

Our Services  will be available on the Zoom link which will be sent out by email and on the WhatsApp group St Luke’s- keep in touch.


If you’re joining for the first time you will have to follow the instructions on your screen – please see the article below if you need further help.


The important thing to know is the ID number for the Service/Meeting that number is different each time so use the link for the specific Service/Meteting. The link will be emailed to you or put in the WhatsApp  keep in touch group. 


If you fail to connect on your first attempt, don’t give up just try again using the same ID nos.

We’re having about 60 separate logins during service and  we estimate that is a congregation of at least 120 and maybe more, so please join us if you can


You can also connect from a landline or basic mobile with no internetCall: 020 3695 0088, at the prompt, enter the ID nos and press # and you should be in!!! Just listen – use hands free (and mute) if your phone allows.  Try it in advance – if it’s worked, you’ll get a message saying ‘you are in the meeting now …’.


Please contact the  or Alastair on 07949 167 848 if you have any questions.