Sunday 19th June

Gemeinschaft: There are some nice words in German and this is one of them. It means community and it is used widely in a church context to express the bonds of fellowship that unite us with other Christians. This weekend I’m experiencing that ‘gemeinschaft’ with Christians in  Berlin, where we have enjoyed growing friendships through our Berlin Mission volunteers. The British Embassy here have coined a new word ‘Freundship‘ which expresses it rather well.  I’m at a conference that happens every two years between the diocese of London and the Diocese of Berlin Brandenburg, and although we won’t solve all the challenges we face as churches, our friendship will be stronger, and that matters in a world where difference so often results in distance and even hostility.  What is true between cities is also true between individuals and every attempt we make in our church to greet someone new, to discover something about them, to begin to open up, contributes to our ‘gemeinschaft’ which in the end is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Services including Children’s groups 

10.30 am 10.30 am  All Age Service Either in church or via zoom.   Passcode 181058 .

(NB We’re still asking people to wear masks in church, recognizing that for some
members of the body this will provide the confidence to come to church)

Also happening this week:

Katy Hirst, our new curate is to be ordained in St. Paul’s on 2 July. If you would like to come

please let me know asap as we have a few tickets only. Service is at 3pm. Katy is moving in to Flat

2, at the church flats next weekend. She would be very happy if anyone wants to drop by and say


If you would like to contribute to the costs of Jackie’s sabbatical, please make your contribution through the treasurer, making sure to identify what it’s for.

 Confirmation – I hope we can have a confirmation service here with the Bishop before long, so if any would like to be confirmed please let me know. (Confirmation includes the adult profession of baptismal vows and denotes full membership of the church)

Verse of the month for June: ‘But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you’
                                                          John 14:17

  • The Diocese of Ibadan South (where Jacob was Bishop) is wanting to raise funds to refurbish the Gladys Hill memorial Health centre. To find out more please talk to Walter or Dorcas.

Here’s an idea for how we might get together as a Deanery to help refugees from Ukraine. Citizens
UK is looking for partner organisations, faith groups etc who would act as ‘key sponsors’
committing  to taking 50 refugees. The diocese of Exeter is already signed up for this. The thought
is that as a Deanery we might have the capacity/willingness to provide accommodation for 50
refugees – works out at roughly 4 per parish – we’re talking 4 people so it might be just one
family. To test if this is feasible it would be good to know the level of interest, so this is to ask if
you would in principle like to offer space under the government scheme, but working in
partnership with Citizens UK, who will coordinate. Please let me know – no hard and fast
commitments needed at this stage. If it looks as if we can support 50 then we can begin the
process with Citizens UK. 
Thanks very much. Alastair

Petition for free travel for Asylum seekers. Sue Turner asks if we might consider signing this petition as one of the real difficulties for asylum seekers in London is the cost of getting around.

Have you filled in our Environmental Survey yet?
Please do – here’s the link
Hard copies also available at Church

Butler family; Last call to support the Butler family as they move on from their mission work. If anyone would like to help with their financial support let me know and I can forward their bank account details.

Summer Camps; Now’s the time to book. Do ask if you’re not sure.  Here’s the website:     Alastair 

Giving: We’re trying to make it easier to give to St. Luke’s. If you would like to set up a regular standing order please contact Ashleye the treasurer  – –  but you can now give directly online through using the link below and we have a machine in church for direct online giving also available.

Care for Calais: A weekly drop in for asylum seekers in temporary accommodation has started at the OK club on Wednesday mornings. If you would like to help please sign up at

Thursday lunchtime home group: A few of us all different ages,  languages  and backgrounds have begun meeting on a Thursday afternoon. We support each other and look at the Bible. If you are free on a Thursday afternoon between 1:30 and 2:30 come along. We meet at the Vicarage. At the moment the youngest person there is less than a year. We respect covid.  Judith Thom 07960972551

Never ones to be discouraged, St Luke’s Band have forged ahead with a third album, now available (or becoming available) on the usual online music sites. It’s called ‘West Kilburn Hymns’ and is a collection of some of the more passable recordings in that category made over lockdown. Do have a listen and tell your friends if you like it. ‘West Kilburn Worship’ and ‘More West Kilburn Worship’ continue to be available, and we’re hoping that ‘West Kilburn Christmas’ will be released at an appropriate time in early December.