Sunday 23rd January

Building Back: The PCC at its meeting last week talked a bit about how we can help to reconnect with people who have lost touch with church through the pandemic. While I don’t think its realistic to expect everyone will suddenly return once restrictions are lifted we can I hope gradually build back confidence in coming to church. For some it may be more a case of simply having got out of the habit, and for those some words from the letter to the Hebrews may be an encouragement when it says –not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another’. Encouraging one another is a task for all – it’s an every member thing as we’ll be thinking about in this Sunday’s sermon passage. Each of us needs eachother and the body works much better when all the members are fully engaged.

It will of course take a while to get back to full confidence in meeting together and we all need to care for the vulnerable and cautious. So things will be gradual, but we can all play our part in seeking out and encouraging those whose participation in church has been most affected by the pandemic.

Staying safe; We want church to be as safe an environment as we can make it, so that we can have confidence in meeting together. Masks are still mandatory and for now we’ve decided against singing out loud to further reduce risks. I hope that we’ll soon be able to get back to live singing and we’ll review this weekly. For the children’s groups which restart this week, we’re making sure all the rooms are well ventilated and there is plenty of space. All these will I hope give us confidence that we can meet together safely.

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Also happening this week:

  • Tuesday 10am – Toddler drop in at church
  • Tuesday 8pm Children’s group leaders and helpers meeting in church
  • Wednesday 10am ‘Craft and chat’
  • Thursday: 11am. ‘Dominos and donuts’

Verse of the month for January :

The law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:17

Care for Calais: A weekly drop in for asylum seekers in temporary accommodation has started at the OK club on Wednesday mornings. If you would like to help please sign up at

Summer Camps; Some young people have already signed up to go on one of the CPAS venture holidays. Now’s the time to book. Do ask if you’re not sure. Alastair

Thursday lunchtime home group: A few of us all different ages,  languages  and backgrounds have begun meeting on a Thursday afternoon. We support each other and look at the Bible. If you are free on a Thursday afternoon between 1:30 and 2:30 come along. We meet at the Vicarage. At the moment the youngest person there is less than a year. We respect covid.  Judith Thom 07960972551

Never ones to be discouraged, St Luke’s Band have forged ahead with a third album, now available (or becoming available) on the usual online music sites. It’s called ‘West Kilburn Hymns’ and is a collection of some of the more passable recordings in that category made over lockdown. Do have a listen and tell your friends if you like it. ‘West Kilburn Worship’ and ‘More West Kilburn Worship’ continue to be available, and we’re hoping that ‘West Kilburn Christmas’ will be released at an appropriate time in early December.

On Sunday October 3rd 2021, we were glad to welcome 2 news members in our Church through their Baptism and Holy Communion.