21st March 2021  

Foodbank; The North Paddington Foodbank is coming to St. Luke’s. Our local foodbank, which has had a huge increase in demand and activity over the past year is having to leave its premises in Elgin Ave, at short notice and the PCC has agreed that they can have a temporary home in St. Luke’s while they look for longer term accommodation. We’ve agreed to give them use of the main church worship area and youth room during the week through to the end of August. It will mean some modest inconvenience for us, although the building is being used much less than usual at present so the impact is not so great. On the plus side, quite apart from helping out a really important local service, it will take us closer to our local community through the volunteers and users who come. While a few from St. Luke’s have volunteered up until now (notably Brenda Meadows) I hope having the foodbank in the church will encourage others of us to volunteer too. If you are interested in volunteering do talk to Brenda or check out their website The move is happening at the end of the coming week with operations beginning from Monday 29th March.

Happening this week:Daily Morning Prayer: Monday-Thursday 8am, Saturday 9am Meeting ID: 875 3262 8325 Passcode: 181058

Tuesday 7.30 – Alpha Course –

Daily Night Prayer – posted daily via the whatsapp group

Wenesday Lent meditation– 7.30pm on zoom
Meeting ID: 881 8862 0750 Passcode: 181058

Thursday – How can St. Luke’s make a positive contribution to caring for creation? An opportunity to discuss the videos we have been posting and to set out some goals. 8pm Meeting ID: 816 9019 2664 Passcode: 181058

Next Sunday, Palm Sunday All age Service at 10.30. No children’s zoom

Holy Week and Easter: Bags to collect. We’ve put together bags with some resources to use through Holy Week. If you’re able to come and collect a bag from church, please come after Church on Sunday or Monday Morning 11-1pm. If you can’t collect please let us know and we’ll arrange for delivery if not too far out.

There will be some online reflections through Holy Week but on Good Friday we will have a service in Church and zoom at 10.30, with a childrens session before at 10am as with our usual Sunday services. The Main service will be more geared towards adults.

On Easter Sunday we have a Sunrise Holy Communion Service in the car park at 6.30am and an All Age Holy Communion Service at 10.30, but no children’s group.

Annual Meeting: A reminder to check the electoral roll and amend any details or to fill in a form if you are not yet on it.

Verse of the month for March:
‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me’. Mark 8:34

For prayer this week, including a person a day from the electoral roll

Sunday– For our church service, children’s group and youth alpha today.     
 – All who feel unsafe at home or outside                                          
– The Alpha Course ending this evening                                             
–  Our spiritual journeys through lent                           
 –    The health services and the vaccination programme              
 – Our local community, and national government                                   
 – The foodbank making the move to St. Luke’s today        

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