Alastair Thom writes: Making space for Peace; Day by day all the things we were looking forward to are being cancelled, but not Easter. We are at the start of Holy Week and it will certainly be strange to mark Jesus’ journey through death and resurrection  seperately rather than together. Nevertheless new opportunities will arise to do things differently, from families making easter gardens at home, to tuning in to some of the high quality broadcast services and reflections that will be on offer. If we are going to make the most of this unique year we will need deliberately to make space. One of the paradoxes of this strange time is that for many, the freedom from busyness we had anticipated has not yet happened. We may not be doing all that we did but busyness has found a different outlet. Suddenly social media has begun to take over life, and while it’s great to be connected, it can be a bit much. It might be good this coming week to plan in periods of personal space, when we won’t constantly check the phone but instead give ourselves to quiet reflection and prayer. That way lies peace. 

posted 3rd April 2020

#livelent –  Care for God’s Creation –  is the Church of England’s Lent Campaign for 2020 you can download the free App onto your phone or you can subscribe to get the daily reflections by email. Full details are on the CofE website link below:


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