17th January 2021

As if the trials of lockdown were not enough, this week includes ‘blue Monday’, calculated as being the most depressing day of the year. Far enough after Christmas for the good feelings to have worn off, long enough before spring for it still to feel dark and dismal. And all of us are conscious of the suffering and sadness for so many families around us. There is no simple way out or way to make it easy. I’ve heard quite a few people recently talking about this being a season of ‘lament’ – the kind of thing Job’s comforters did, being with him in his pain, before they opened their mouths and blew it. We have the opportunity to be ‘with’ one another even if only virtually, and we don’t have to feel it all has to be joyful – there is joy, but we may have to wait for the morning.

This Week:

Alpha Course – Starting Tuesday 26th January 7.30pm. Alpha is an 8 week course which creates a space online for conversations about faith, life and God. The format will be a short live talk followed by questions and discussion. If you’d like to sign up please email

Verse of the month for January:

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind’.
Matt 22:37

For prayer this week

Sunday– For our church service and for those unable to connect online                                                                    
– Health workers and key workers                                                         
–  For those who are unwell, isolated or struggling to cope       

Thursday –School and families trying to make education work                     
 – Our local community, and all whose work supports us                        
 – Our government and leaders