St Luke’s Goes Green

Good News – This week the PCC have agreed to the setting up of a group to coordinate our response to Climate Change. 

The group will look at every aspect of our church life, from an Environmental point of view, including: worship and teaching, our church building and garden, the utilities we use, what we buy for the office, the kitchen etc. It will also look at how we can promote care for creation in the wider community and the wider world.

We’re calling the group, for the moment, the Environmental Working Group – we couldn’t think of anything better! We’re keen to involve as many people in as many different ways as possible. Look out for further announcements. 

But in the meantime if you have any experience, knowledge, ideas, inspiration or enthusiasm to share then please let  us know by contacting one of us via WhatsApp – Keep in Touch Group, or emailing us at our dedicated Goes Green email account:   

PCC Task Group  – Jackie Barry, Rose Heaney, Tina Morris, Walter Umpleby).

11th June 2021